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Explore Missing Teeth

Concerned about missing teeth? Find out about our treatments

Image by Diana Polekhina
Our Treatments


Implants are a specialist service that is advised 

not be carried out by a Dentist untrained in this area.


Therefore, for this service we would like to refer you to one of our 3 sister Practices.

Interested in an Implant Referral?

Follow the link to refer for an Implant with our Antwerp House Practice


A dental prosthesis is a dental appliance that replaces or repairs missing or damaged teeth.

They can be used to fix dental issues or cover up tooth defects.


from £850


from £550


from £275

Bridge Per Unit

from £900

Adhesive Bridge (Maryland)

from £600

Denture Upper & Lower Acrylic

from £1500

Denture CrCo

from £1650

Additions Per Tooth

from £150 Per Tooth

Additions Per Clasp

from £55 Per Clasp

Reline Full

from £175

Reline Partial

from £140


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