Specialist Periodontist

Specialist Periodontist


Do you ever have :

  • bleeding and painful gums ?
  • mobile teeth and it is difficult to chew comfortably ?
  • gum recession which exposes the roots ?
  • a bad taste in the mouth and bad breath (halitosis) ?

May be it is time you considered going to see a Specialist Periodontist.

If you have any of the above, perhaps you have been seeing a hygienist  or your dentist who is providing you with periodic scalings to keep your teeth clean, and thereby maintain the health of the gums. You will certainly benefit from obtaining additional advice from  one of our gum specialists (periodontists).  Specialist Periodontists can generally improve the level of gum health over and above a hygienist and a dentist. They have received additional training in managing gum problems and therefore have a deeper understanding of risk factors for gum disease and comorbidities (medical factors that may influence the course of gum disease). They also possess additional skills in techniques to clean and debride roots using both manual and powered instruments, including use of tools such as lasers to assist with tooth debridement. Gum specialists also have greater understanding of prognosis (factors that affect the life expectancy of teeth), and can advise when it is desirable to make sacrificial extractions to ensure longevity and functionality of the dentition as a whole. Gum specialists also perform various formds of periodontal surgery to reduce pockets and undertake gum grafting.

There is emerging evidence that lack of control in gum disease is associated with loss of diabetic control, and heart disease. There may also be an association between gum disease and upper respiratory tract infections, cancer, and pregnancy complications  such as preterm infants.

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Benefits of seeing a Periodontist

  • Greater understanding of periodontal disease
  • Greater understanding of risk factors that cause disease
  • Greater understanding of genetic factors and comorbidities (medical disease associations)
  • Greater understanding of prognosis of dentition to enable sound decisions on sacrificial extractions
  • Greater procedural skills in cleaning teeth and using various power devices to debride teeth and manage gum inflammation
  • Greater surgical skills to manage gum disease surgically and periodontal plastic surgery skills to undertake gum grafting

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