Hygienist & Gum Services

Hygienist & Gum Services

dental_hygienistDental hygienists are specially trained members of our dental team. They play a vitally important role in dental healthcare and prevent dental disease by giving oral hygiene instruction to patients and used specialised tools to clean teeth thoroughly.

Prevention is better than cure and this means less treatment costs for you over the long term. Gum disease can cause gross mineral loss of bone surrounding the teeth, leaving them suddenly loose. Most people are often unaware of this problem as gum disease progresses without pain, sometimes relentlessly. The build up of plaque on teeth and a reduced immune defence is the main course of gum disease.

Gum disease can be detected through measurement with gum probes at your dental visit. These measurements are routinely carried out at your 6 month check ups. Make sure you are regular with this !

All Antwerp Dentistry Clinicians are concerned with the emerging evidence that gum disease may be linked to several medical diseases, notably heart disease. We therefore whole-heartedly embrace the European Federation of Periodontology’s manifesto to clinicians to combat this disease. The manifesto  can be accessed by clicking here.

Watch the following video to understand how poor oral health can affect your whole health :