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The Spark Erosion Bridge
to restore the whole Jaw
without bone grafting

The spark erosion bridge is a state of the art restoration which will bring you tremendous quality of life.

If you are seeking one of the most advanced, well fitting, and comfortable implant reconstructions we would recommend the use of the “Spark Erosion Bridge”. This solution is manufactured in Germany using precision German Dental Technology. The solution is typically for a full mouth makeover/reconstruction with dental implants. The Spark Erosion solution is particularly suitable in situations where you have limited bone volume, and otherwise have few dental implant options. Typically, this solution does not require complex and expensive bone grafting techniques to re-create lost bone.

Spark erosion technology has several benefits over many solutions :

  • particularly suitable for restoring a whole jaw back to function
  • needs no complex, expensive bone grafting techniques
  • is one of the most stable, comfortable and well fitting implant reconstructions
  • improves your nutritional health and quality of life immensely

There are some considerations
when planning a single
tooth implant…

Your dental implant surgeon can assess your mouth to see if your are suitable for this technology, and can show you models to help you see how the technology works. We would also be delighted to introduce you to some of our real life clients whose lives have been literally transformed by having a dental implant bridge fitted.

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